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Our solutions in 5 points:


Is a thermoregulation system for heating, cooling and domestic hot water production systems. It can be used for the distribution part control or for the heating/cooling power station management or for both!

In the first case, it can manage heating and cooling radiant floor/ceiling systems including the dehumidifiers, it can prevent condensation thanks to the internal dew point calculation algorithm. It can also manage fan coil and radiator systems, mechanical ventilation and integration units both through dry contacts and via Modbus, using dedicated firmware.  

In the second case the REG System can manage heating and cooling generators (boilers, heat pumps, pellet stoves, thermal fireplaces, etc.) through dry contacts, 0/10 V set point, OpenTherm or Modbus RTU protocol.

The REG System can be managed both through BMS (Modbus RTU or TCP/IP and KNX) and through our remote management system via Wi-Fi, LAN or GSM.

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It is a consolidated and widespread protocol in the thermoregulation field.

Setecna EPC provides products such as temperature and humidity sensors and gateways Modbus-to-OpenTherm to manage heat generators. These products can be used by home automation systems designers and builders as building blocks of HVAC systems that use Modbus as main protocol.

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Thanks to the know-how acquired in the Modbus and REG sensors production, Setecna EPC can produce Passive indoor ambient Temperature Probes for coordinated installation with the main flush-mounted civil series:

  • BTicino (International, Living Light, Living NOW, Matix, Axolute)
  • Vimar (Plana, Idea, Ekon, Arké)
  • Gewiss (System, Chorus,)
  • ABB (Mylos, Chiara)
  • Legrand Vela
  • AVE (Life, Domus, Tekla, Allumia)
  • URMET Nea
  • JUNG LS squared

and many more!

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*The above Brands are registered trademarks owned by their respective Companies.


OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) products are tailor-made products based on our customers’ specifications, which can be customized both in the hardware and in the firmware part.

As Setecna EPC is a company with complete technical know-how, it is possible to follow the customer from the product design to the delivery of the final product, by going through all the intermediate phases (specification definition, engineering, production and hardware testing, firmware development).

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The DOT touch screen display is a simple and intuitive Smart Thermostat with 4.3” color TFT display for interaction with an HVAC system that combines the REG System flexibility with specific customer requirements!

In its most complete version, DOT integrates on board a temperature and humidity sensor, an analogic / digital contact, an OpenTherm bus, a Modbus bus, a REG bus, a Wi-Fi Module and a mini USB type B 2.0 port.

DOT can be supplied with different hardware configurations and with a completely customizable firmware that allows the HVAC system total supervision and its remote management via Web and mobile app.

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