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The REG System is ideal for the radiant systems control and for HVAC systems Management

The REG System main features are:

  • Easy to install and configure
  • Elegant design components perfectly integrated with the main civil series
  • Modular and complete functionalities
  • Possibility to be integrated with home automation systems and BMS (Konnex, Modbus)

The REG System can manage:

  • up to 32 zones;
  • up to 8 independent weekly timer
  • up to 8 distribution manifolds, also in cascade, or 8 direct and/or mix circuits (with mixing valves both with 3-points and 0/10V control);
  • both single and twin circulation pumps and their block signal (failover included);
  • up to 8 dehumidification, integration and renewal units;
  • up to 3 generators via dry contact or 0/10V (Boilers, Heat Pumps, Fireplaces, etc.)
  • up to 8 generators via OpenTherm protocol (with specific interface) or Modbus RTU (with specific interface with dedicated firmware) through cascade algorithms;
  • Domestic Hot Water production;
  • the DHW recirculation pump also through a dedicated clock;
  • the solar thermal circuit;
  • the dew point control through sensors for cooling radiant system and internal algorithms;
  • different generators based on the external temperature, for systems with mixed generators (Heat Pumps and Boilers);
  • electrical energy meters;  
  • a dry contact from the Photovoltaic system;
  • up to 8 free analogic probes, 8 free digital inputs and 5 alarm signals (these signals do not affect the regulation, but they are only for control/monitoring).

REG System Main Advantages:

  • The Ambient Temperature and Humidity Sensors are perfectly integrated with the most common flush-mounted civil series design (BTicino, Vimar, Gewiss, ABB, …)
  • The innovative sensors with LED display combine an elegant design with high functionality for all use conditions.
  • Simple and fast installation, easy configuration and commissioning thanks to the built-in display and free configuration software.
  • The modular structure via Bus allows to optimize connections, reducing the cables number and installation costs.
  • The system is equipped with dozens of presets, suitable for most systems.

An ecosystem of products and services to simplify installation and use:

  • can be Remotely managed via PC, Smartphone or Tablet (go to the remote management portal
  • the configuration software automatically generates the wiring diagrams to simplify installation operation and reduce errors.  

Built your REG System!