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Who we are

Setecna EPC srl starts its activity in 2002. Over the years Setecna has specialized in the electronic systems design and production to manage and control (also remotely) heating, cooling and domestic hot water production installations. These regulation and remote-control electronic systems can manage both the distribution of the energy in the building (indoor temperature, indoor air quality and humidity management) and the production of the energy in the thermal/cooling power stations (heat pumps and gas boilers management).

We offer products and services for System Integrator, Installers, Maintainers and Energy Manager Companies.

We are able to design and produce customized solutions, combining the skills gained in 20 years of activity:

  • Hardware design
  • Software development on Windows, Linux and Web platforms              
  • Cloud supervision system development         
  • Firmware development on 8-bit (Atmel AVR) and 32-bit (ARM) microcontrollers
  • Telecommunications on wired and mobile networks (GPRS, 4G, 5G)

Setecna EPC is a complete company with a technical-know-how acquired in almost 2 decades that allows to follow the customer from the product design to the delivery of the final product, by going through all the intermediate phases (specification definition, engineering, production and hardware testing, firmware development).

The internal production department, optimized for prototypes and small series production, completes the offer towards customers.

Our commitment is to create simple and flexible products in order to help You better manager your heating and cooling systems.

Learn more about us by watching our corporate video!