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Which type of cable must be used to connect the REG System devices to each other via BUS?

REG System devices require 12V DC power and the BUS connection, therefore a total of 4 wires.

The REG bus uses the EIA-485 standard (formerly known as RS-485), so the first choice is to use cables specifically created for this type of bus.

The ideal installation is 2 × 1.5 sq mm red and black cable for power supply and a twisted and shielded cable specific for BUS EIA-485, such as for example:

  • BELDEN, 9841 (see also
  • CEAM, CPR 6003
  • TASKER, C521
  • FANTON, ACS 9841

Attention: these models are given as an example of cables that have suitable electrical characteristics; the electrical designer must verify the correspondence of the chosen cable to the system specific needs: type of installation, fire resistance, etc.; in particular, BELDEN has a whole family of EIA-485 cables, suitable for any type of installation.

The use of this type of cable and the “in / out” wiring compliance is mandatory!

If the Konnex Gateway (REG-KNX) is installed in a home, is it possible to avoid mounting the display (REG-TFT)?

Although theoretically if it is present a home automation system it could be avoided to install the touch screen (REG-TFT), it is recommended to mount it.

The TFT cost is nothing compared to the cost of a Konnex system, but on the other hand it allows you to control the system immediately, even if the connection with the KNX system is not working yet.

Very often the customer comes to live in the house before the home automation system has been commissioning, but immediately needs to manage the operation of the REG systems.

Whoever integrates KNX systems, before proceeding, requires that all the other configurations and programs have been completed (including those for the REG System) and only subsequently integrates the various systems.

Furthermore, the REG-TFT can be used as a backup to manage the system, also useful for the KNX system programmer himself to see if the commands he sends/receives to/from the REG system are correct.

In the end it is better for everyone that the TFT is installed. If you want to install the REG-DOT-B with integrated Wi-Fi it is always possible to do so, but better without using Setecna remote management system ( as it could interfere with the home automation system.

Is it possible to integrate the home automation system with the REG System in a house?

The REG System has a Konnex Gateway (REG-KNX) and two Modbus Gateways (over TCP / IP – REG-MBS-ETH and RS485 – REG-MBS-RTU) which allow to connect the REG-DIN-8 master regulator to home automation systems based on KNX (Konnex) and Modbus standards.

Through Konnex protocol it will be possible to change/read the following parameters:

  • activate / deactivate the all system, single zones or groups of zones;
  • read / modify the zones setpoints;
  • read / modify the working mode of the timers;
  • read temperature and humidity of all rooms;
  • configure the KNX interface using ETS software.

Through the Modbus protocol it is possible to manage all the parameters present on the REG System.

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