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SETECNA EPC realized two product lines with Modbus RTU protocol:

1. Flush-mounting microprocessor sensors for ambient temperature and humidity measurement

2. Modbus to OpenTherm Gateway for heat generators management 

The Temperature and Humidity Sensors are made directly on the modular components of the main flush-mounted civil series (BTicino, ABB, Gewiss, Vimar, AVE, etc.): they integrate perfectly with any customer aesthetic choice; the high visibility LED display and the touch technology buttons allow to add elegance and functionality to the Sensors.

The sensors are available in 2 versions:
  • Ambient Temperature and Humidity Sensor without display
  • Ambient Temperature and Humidity Sensor with LED display and Touch Interface
In particular, the versions with LED display and Touch Interface allow to:
  • View the ambient temperature and the humidity (% RH)
  • View an “Active System” indicator
  • View and modify the Room Temperature setpoint
  • View and modify the work mode of the room (ON/OFF/AUTO)
The “Active System”, “SetPoint” and “Work Mode” functions can be controlled by the MODBUS Master, which can enable or disable them and set the values.
All sensors are compatible with the Modbus RTU protocol and both versions are available with both 19200 and 9600 baud rate; other configurations can be supplied on request.

Modbus to OpenTherm gateways allow a Modbus RTU Master system to manage heat generators as an OpenTherm Master.

The gateways available are with 1 channel or 4 channels.
The gateways provides both in read- and write-mode all the parameters defined by the OpenTherm protocol: it is possible to read the sensors and the errors, to change the set point and the working mode of the generator (heating or DHW production).
Also for the Gateways, by simply modifying the Dip Switch present below the cover, it is possible to set the baud rate (19200 or 9600) and the parity (NONE or EVEN).

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